RubyWorld Conference will be held at Shimane Prefectural Convention Center “Kunibiki Messe”, Shimane Prefecture, during September 7th – 8th , 2009.


The programming language “Ruby” is rapidly expanding its application in the field of business. On the other hand, some possible concerns have also been expressed as to whether the performance of the language is reliable enough in applying it to business, whether the specification of the language is stable enough, or whether the language has enough accumulation of performance records in business fields, and so on.

In order to brush away such concerns, “RubyWorld Conference”, an international conference on Ruby, has been organized at Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture, the places closely linked with Ruby. The aim of this International Conference is to promote the use of Ruby in wider areas, through presentations and discussions in various sessions on the most advanced technologies concerning Ruby, the movement toward the standardization of the language specification, and advanced application examples.




September 7 (Mon.) through 8 (Tues.), 2009.


Shimane Prefectural Convention Center ”Kunibiki Messe”
(International Convention Room on the 3rd. floor, Conference Room 501 on the 5th floor)

Address: 2-1-1 Chome Gakuen Minami, Matsue City

We will provide the simultaneous interpretation between English and Japanese at the International Convention Room.


Executive Committee for RubyWorld Conference

(Affiliated Bodies)
Ruby Association, LLC ; Shimane Prefectural Government ; Matsue City ; Shimane University , National University Corporation; (IAA) Matsue Collage of Technology, Institute of National College of Technology, Japan ; (IAA) JETRO Matsue ; Shimane Industrial Promotion Foundation ; (Corp.) Shimane Information Technology Industry Association ; Open Source Software Society Shimane .


Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan

Themes in Conference

  • Technology (The cutting edgetechnologies of Ruby)
  • Standardization (Movement toward international standardization of Ruby)
  • Case Studies (Introduction of advanced examples of Ruby application)
  • Collaboration (Collaboration between corporations and communities)
  • Human Resource Development (Fostering Ruby Engineers)

Keynote Speakers

Matz Photo Mr. Yukihiro Matsumoto (Ruby Association)
Tim Bray Photo Mr. Tim Bray (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

Admission Fee

Free(registration required)

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